Repairing Rusty Gates – Not a Big Deal

Metal driveway gates Los Angeles are good in all the senses like strength, appearance, durability etc. but still there’s one problem with them which has to be faced by home owners sooner or later, rusting. Though these gates don’t require high maintenance costs but they need regular upkeep to prevent them from corrosion. These gates should be kept clean of dust all the time to make sure that the upper coat on the gates doesn’t get any scratches. Any problem with the top coat may make the gates stand exposed to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. Rust covers the surface of the gate very quickly. Gates should be repaired immediately on the first sight of the rust. Let’s see, how to do it.

• Take a wire brush and scrub the gate to get rid of all the loose rust. Peel off as much rust as possible by scrubbing the gates carefully.

• Then use naval jelly and apply it liberally on the remaining rust with help of a disposable paintbrush. Coat the rusted areas of the gate with the jelly and wait for about half an hour so that the jelly loosens up the rust stuck to the surface. You must cover your hands and eyes with protective gears to make sure that the chemicals in the jelly don’t cause any harms to your body.

• Then wash all the naval jelly off the gate with water. Make sure that no trace of the jelly remains on the gate.

• Now you need to rub the affected areas of the gate with sandpaper. The sandpaper should be medium sized. It will help you remove all the rust left by naval jelly.

• Now take some fine grade steel wool and rinse it with mineral spirits. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves this time as well. Scrub the pad gently to clean off grime, grease or any other thing which may make it difficult for the primer and paint to adhere to the surface. You need to pay good attention while using mineral spirit as it’s inflammable. Watch out for any heat source or open flames around while using it.

• Again rinse the gate with water and rub it dry with a clean piece of cloth.

• Now apply the primer to the gate smoothly. It would be better to use alkyd primer which is rust-inhibition in nature. Then wait for some time and let the gate air dry completely. Go through the instruction label in order to carry out a flawless application of the primer. Remember, if any traces of rust are left on the gate, they will continue to grow beneath the primer. So, Apply primer after making it certain that the gate is absolutely rust free.

• After making sure that the primer is completely dry, apply a coat of enamel paint with a paintbrush. When the first coat of the paint dries, apply the second coat. Both coats of the top paint should ne air-dried according to the instructions provided on the label.


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